Eclipse is a selfcare client offering businesses an intuitive and easy to use application to manage their unified communications settings from their mobile or their desktop PC, Laptop or tablet.

Used in standalone mode, Eclipse softphone converts the computer into a multifunction IP phone. It allows the end-user to make, receive and manage call and instant message communications with a single click from his computer.

In tandem mode (web or desktop) with the IP phone, Eclipse enables the user to control calls from their computer or their IP phone or Mobile device. They can, for example, answer a call from their phone, put the caller on hold and transfer it to another extension from Eclipse. Eclipse is native to Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

Eclipse gives our Channel partners 3 levels of Management or Administrator rights, all Cloud based in an unparallel UCaaS Service Provider offering. 

1. The Web Admin

The Web Admin is the master portal which offers a single pane of glass to all your customers and how you define their functionality, service plans and management. 

2. My Telephony

MyTelephony is the 2nd tier of management that allows Service Providers to set up enterprises through 10 easy steps or give certain access to a proficient IT manager to manage simple adjustments to users and call flows. 

3. The User

The last layer of management is through the user themselves who has the ability to set their own forwarding rules and assign them to presence statuses as well as selecting which terminals they wish to collaborate and make calls off.


Eclipse UC

Give the everyday knowledge worker access to over 60 PBX features, access their account via web browser or desktop version for instant messaging, setting of forwarding rules and managing presence status.  

Eclipse UC Premium

The Eclipse UC Premium license is perfect for the mobile office worker.  It gives the user the ability to make calls through their softphone (web/desktop), tablet, mobile phone as well as an IP Terminal.  

Eclipse VC

Eclipse Video is a professional videoconferencing and collaboration solution powered by Zoom and is applied over the top of the Eclipse UC Premium license. 

Eclipse UC UCC Connect

Eclipse Connect is applied over the top of an existing Eclipse UC Premium license and gives a user the ability to integrate into 42 certified ERP/CRM platforms. 

Eclipse UC Contact Centre

Eclipse Contact Center enables service providers to take advantage of the growing demand for call center services and to offer enterprise customers hosted inbound call center services at a very competitive price.

Eclipse UC Switchboard

Eclipse Switchboard is an interactive advanced attendant console for switchboard roles. The intuitive interface, with ergonomic design, allows in-house or outsourced receptionists to efficiently manage customer calls.